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Some men desire a more square shape to their chin implant augmentation.  Standard square chin implant styles have been around for decades and have served some patients well. But like all standard implants they do not work well for everyone and may not create as much squareness as the patient desires. It is important to recognize that creating a square chin look is more than just about increased width across the front of the implant. It is as much about how much width is created and how the implant ‘turns the corner’. (shape of the corner turn)

The autologous method for creating a square chin would be a sliding genioplasty with a midline split and interpositional graft. While theoretically effective it does make the chin wider but does not create the degree of chin squaring most men want. An alternative approach is to do a bony genioplasty, particularly if there s a vertical deficiency, and combine that with a small square chin implant overlay. This keeps the bony genioplasty intact as a single piece and relies in the implant to create the desired shape.

Custom square chin implants provide the most assured squaring of the chin because the design is preoperatively controlled. As a general rule you don’t want chin widths that exceed 40mms for most men and the implant design should be closer to a sharper 100 to 110 degree angled turn than just having a round corner on both sides. This not only provides the desired squareness but it also looks more natural as the design allows it to flow into the jawline behind in a more manner than looks like it blows there.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana

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