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Triangular Vermilion Flap Transposition for Corner Mouth Lift

Surgical treatment of the downturned corner of the mouth has historically been associated with two common themes. First it is a procedure by history that has been largely done in age-related drooping mouth corners. (older patients) Two, it is a laterally-based procedure that lives visible scars with a high rate of adverse scarring. Both trends Read More…

Custom Designed Solid Silicone Calf Implants

The most common lower leg aesthetic augmentation method is that of calf implants. They are used for those patients who want larger calfs due to natural lower leg disproportion (‘chicken legs’), muscle atrophy due to injury (e,g. achilles tendon rupture) or congenital underdevelopment. (clubfoot) Calf implants have been around for decades in the U.S and Read More…

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