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Basic Concepts in Flat Back of Head Custom Skull Implant Designs

One of the most common requests for skull augmentation is for a flat back of the head. In many cases this is for an asymmetric flattening known as plagiocephaly. But in others it is for a symmetric flattening better known as brachycephaly. In the non-synostotic forms of brachycephaly the back of the head lacks projection Read More…

Long Term Outcomes of the Subnasal Lip Lift

The most common surgical upper lip rejuvenation procedure is the subnasal lip lift. Whether it is of congenital or aging origin, an elongated upper lip is associated with an undesired perioral appearance. With a longer upper lip, particularly if it is age-related, the amount of visible vermilion (pink part) usually becomes less as well. With Read More…

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