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Plastic Surgery Case Study: Secondary Bony Genioplasty For Increased Vertical and Horizontal Dimensional Increases

Background: The sliding genioplasty is the autologous option for chin augmentation. It s a versatile procedure from a dimensional standpoint and can provide significant horizontal advancements, vertical lengthening/shortening and width narrowing but is limited in being able to create increased chin width. It is the only option, short of injectable fillers and fat, for patients Read More…

Quick Set Hydroxyapatite Cement for Skull and Facial Contouring

The introduction of hydroxyapatite bone cements (HAC) in the 1990s, based upon an extensive experimental and clinical history of proven osteoconductive responses in maxillofacial surgery as granules and blocks in the 1980s, was a welcome alternative to acrylic (methyl methacrylate) in cranioplasty and skull augmentations.The ability to intraoperatively mix and mold a liquid and powder Read More…

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