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Technical Strategies – High Speed Burring in Secondary Tracheal Shaves

Chondrolaryngoplasty or tracheal shave surgery is the only structural aesthetic change that can be done on the neck. (since the thyroid cartilage is the only protruding non-soft tissue prominence) While commonly identified with transgender surgery today the tracheal shave procedure can also be performed in cis males who have too much Adam’s apple projection. (Usually Read More…

Plastic Surgery Case Study – Testicle Removals with XL Testicle Implant Replacements due to COVID Induced Inflammatory Reaction to Scrotal Silicone Injections

Background: Silicone injections to the genitals (penis and scrotum) is a known method for aesthetic enlargement of these genital structures. While not an FDA-approved procedure or injection material it is often done outside the U.S.. Such silicone injections create their effect as the material is non-resorbable. The body has no known enzymes to break the Read More…

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