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Plastic Surgery Case Study – Custom Skull Implant Correction for the Plagiocephalic Flat Back Of The Head

Background: Plagiocephaly is the most recognizable type of skull deformity. It is usually associated with infants and children because this is when non-surgical and surgical treatments would be most effective to partially or totally reverse the abnormal skull shape. But many more patients affected by plagiocephaly never receive treatment or fail to get substantial improvement Read More…

Clavicle Lengthening Osteotomy Patterns for Shoulder Widening Surgery

Reduction in shoulder width (shoulder narrowing surgery) has recently evolved into a safe and effective technique by removing a segment of the clavicle bone. By reducing each clavicle in length by 2 to 3cm the external shoulder size (bideltoid width) is equally narrowed. The two cut blunt ends of the clavicle, when put back together Read More…

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