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The Effects of Skin Excision in SMAS Facelifts on Earlobe Shape

The incisional access for much of facelift surgery is done in and around the ears. This access provides a method to undermine extended skin flaps across the face down along the jawline and int the neck. With this exposure different methods of SMAS elevate. can be done which allows a skin pullback and redrawing around Read More…

Technical Strategies – Cannula Size in Perioral Liposuction

Thinning the face by fat removal has limited surgical options. The buccal lipectomy procedure is the most well known as it removes a discrete collection of mid facial fat that usually approximates 3 to 4ccs in volume from each side. But the buccal lipectomy is not the only facial fat sculpting procedure. The perioral. region Read More…

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