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Aesthetic Augmentation of the Upper Legs With Custom Thigh Implants

While the calf implant is the most recognized lower extremity muscle augmentation implant, it is not the only one. Often overlooked are implants for the  upper lower leg, specifically quad implants for rectus femoris and vastus lateralis and medialis muscles. While far less performed than calf implants that is undoubtably due to the lack of Read More…

OR Snapshots – Calf Implants and the Sural Nerve

Calf implants are placed on top of the gastrocnemius muscles but under their overlying enveloping fascia. To place the implants separate small incisions are placed on the back of the knee in the popliteal crease above each muscle head. From the incision to the gastrocnemius fascia it is necessary to dissect past the semimembranous/semitendinous tendons Read More…

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