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Product Reviews – Qwo Injections For The Treatment of Cellulite

Cellulite remains a ubiquitous aesthetic problem that is well understood from an anatomic standpoint. But despite this anatomic understanding effective treatments that persist remain elusive. From surgical treatments like liposuction, pickling (fascial band release) and fat grafting to numerous topical and external therapies, the sheer numerous of approaches that have become available to treat cellulite Read More…

Aesthetic Implant Augmentation Of The Vastus Medialis Muscle of the Thigh

The most common leg muscle that is augmented for aesthetic purposes are the calfs. (gastrocs) Calf implants have been used for decades and are a very successful body implant procedure. In more recent times the upper leg has been periodically implanted as well to augment either the rectus femoris or the combined rectus femoris-vastus laterals Read More…

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