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OR Snapshots – Calf Implants and the Peroneal Nerve

Calf implants involve dissection from incisions on the back of the knee inferiorly down to the gastrocnemius muscle fascia. The fascia is then entered so that the implant can be placed underneath it on top of the muscle. There are two gastrocnemius muscles,  an inner or medial muscle belly and an outer or lateral muscle Read More…

Plastic Surgery Case Study – Asymmetry Correction Using A Custom Jaw Angle Implant vs Standard Jaw Angle Implant After Sagittal Split Mandibular Osteotomies

Background: The shape of the lower face is affected by the posteriorly paired jaw angle bones. The jaw angles are three-dimensional structures which have length, width and a shape influenced by the posterior projection of the intersection of its posterior and inferior borders. While located in the back part of the lower face the symmetry Read More…

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