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Surgical Placement Technique for Subfascial Deltoid Implants

For men who seek wider shoulders beyond that of exercise there are three surgical options. The medial bone-based approach is clavicle lengthening while the lateral soft tissue methods include deltoids implants and deltoid fat injections. Each of these shoulder widening methods has their advantages and disadvantages and no method is perfect.  The lateral soft tissue Read More…

OR Snapshots – Buccal Lipectomy after LeFort I Osteotomy

The buccal lipectomy is a well known and popular cheek reshaping procedure. By removing part or all of this encapsulated fat pad the fullness of the cheeks is reduced creating a modest to moderate facial slimming effect. The buccal fat pad is a unique appearing fat with a bright yellow color, large lobules, a vascular Read More…

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