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Plastic Surgery Case Study – The Tail of the Zygomatic Arch Osteotomy for the Wide Posterior Cheek

Background: Decreasing the projection of wide cheekbones can be done effectively by only one procedure, cheekbone reduction osteotomies. This well known procedure accomplishes this width reduction by a combination of anterior and posterior osteotomies The anterior osteotomy is done through an intraoral incision through the zygomatic body, the largest section of the cheekbone. The posterior Read More…

Plastic Surgery Case Study – Replacement of Standard Cheek Implants with Custom Cheek Implants in a Male Who Seeks a High Cheekbone Look

Background: Cheek augmentation with implants has been around for over fifty years. While these implants have undergone various shape changes and are available in different materials over this time period, the most common cheek implant styles are oval in shape and are designed to augment the main zygomatic body. This creates an anterior cheek fullness Read More…

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