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Common Errors in Custom Skull Implant Designs

Aesthetic augmentation of the skull can be done on any of its five surfaces using a custom implant approach. Based on a 3D skull CT scan virtually any implant can be designed within the limits of how much the scalp can stretch to accommodate it. While the design possibilities are considerable there are no established Read More…

Plastic Surgery Case Study – Bilateral Removal of Medpor Jaw Implants with Immediate Custom Jaw Implant Replacements Through an Exclusive Transcutaneous Approach

Background: The traditional approach to aesthetic jaw implant surgery is a combination of intraoral (2) and external incisions. (1) The intraoral incisions are needed to access the jaw angle region where that portion of the implants are placed on the bone under the masseter muscle. While the intraoral approach to the jaw angles is scarless, Read More…

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