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The Anatomic Basis of Cheekbone Reduction Surgery

Excessively wide cheekbones are a not uncommon facial feature that, although often mainly associated with Asian faces, can occur in all ethnicities. The concept of how wide cheekbones have to be to be considered excessive is an individual one. But anatomically they almost all share a significant or undesired convexity to the anterior portion of Read More…

The Use Of Dermal Fat Grafts In The Treatment Of Refractory Periorbital Hollows

Undereye hollows are a common periorbital aesthetic concern. They can occur congenitally due to lack of infraorbital rim development or occur naturally from aging changes. They are commonly and typically effectively treated by injection techniques using synthetic fillers or fat. But not all undereye hollow patients achieve satisfactory improvement despite injector expertise or material. This Read More…

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