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The Subnasal Lip Lift Secondary Scar Revision

The subnasal or bullhorn lip lift is the most well known of all the surgical lip reshaping methods. It is a true lip lifting procedure given that its excisional location is at the nasal base-lip crease which results in a superior pull when closed. The length of the upper lip is shortened and with that Read More…

Plastic Surgery Case Study – Submental Inferior Border Shave and Custom Chin Implant for Sliding Genioplasty Asymmetry

Background: The well known sliding genioplasty procedure can provide multi-dimensional changes to the projection of the chin. With a downfractured and mobile inferior chin segment, it can freely be positioned ‘out into space’ to accomplish the desired chin augmentation effect provided that rigid fixation is used to hold it there.  But with that downfractured chin Read More…

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