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The Lower Eyelid Incision Used In Custom Infraorbital Rim-Malar Implants

One of the best midface augmentation methods is that of the custom infraornital-malar (IOM) implant. While lesser known that injectable fillers and fat or standard tear trough implants, this unique implant style provides simultaneous treatment of undereye hollows and infraorbital deficiencies as well as providing cheek augmentations as well. It provides a horizontal line of Read More…

The Realities of Male Facial Masculinization Surgery Using Custom Facial Implants – A Single Patient Experience

One of the most common male masculinization composite procedures is custom jawline and infraorbital-malar (IOM) implants. By creating a more visible/defined cheeks and jaw structure the face takes on a stronger and more defined appearance.Think of this as a ‘five corner’ approach to facial reshaping. (cheeks, jaw angles and chin)  In some cases those augmentations  Read More…

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