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Plastic Surgery Case Study – Custom Midface (Infraorbital-Malar- Pyriform Aperture) Implant Design and Surgical Placement

Background: Adequate augmentation of the deficient midface has historically been in the province of the LeFort osteotomy. While such osteotomies can be done at different levels of the midface depending on the skeletal deficiency, the one constant was the improved occlusal relationship it provided. Malocclusion was the inferior indicator and the hallmark of such midface Read More…

Technical Strategies – Posterior Sagittal Ridge Skull Reduction

The sagittal suture runs down the middle of the skull from the forehead back to the crown area. The deformity of the sagittal suture that is most widely recognized is that of sagittal craniosynotosis. But by far the more common deformity of the sagittal suture, and one that is far more minor than synostosis, is Read More…

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