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Background: The term ‘jaw augmentation’ is a general term that does not connote exactly what type or amount of lower third facial change is being done. A total change or augmentation of the lower jaw is termed ‘jawline augmentation’, indicating that the augmentation involves the entire jawline from angle to angle and crosses the chin in the process of doing so.

Jawline augmentation with a custom jawline implant can be done with a wide variety of effects depending on the patient’s aesthetic desires and needs. While it is often done on patients who have significant lower jaw deficiencies, it is equally done for patients who actually have a normal looking jaw and desire some increased definition and angularity of their jawline. As a result I call this type of facial implant procedure a ‘jawline enhancement’ procedure.

The key in the design of a jawline enhancement implant is that no single element of it is too big. Adding a few millimeters of over key areas such as the corners of the chin and jaw angles, and then connecting them can really help create increased jawline definition in the right type of face.

Case Study: This thin young male wanted to have increased jawline definition. He did not have an obvious jaw deficiency with reasonable chin projection and jawline shape. Using a 3D CT scan, an implant was designed to provide jawline enhancement but with an eye towards not making too big. The key in such a design to focus on corner or angular changes at the jaw angles and chin.

Under general anesthesia and through three intraoral incisions, the custom jawline implant was placed as a single piece in a front to back placement technique. It was secured into position with small titanium screws, one for the chin and two at each jaw angles.

I have treated many men who merely want a jawline enhancing effect with a custom jawline implant. Such implants may look really thin and small when held in one’s hand but once in place their influence along the entire jawlines always ore than one would initially think based on their stand alone appearance.


1) Some patients just need enhancement of their jawline rather than a significant jaw augmentation result.

2) Because of the wrap around design of a custom jawline implant, their effects can be noticeable even with relatively small numerical thicknesses.

3) Whether a jaw implant is small or large the swelling that ensures and its recovery remains the same.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana

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