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Background: Augmentation of the male chest can be done by either fat injections or pectoral implants. Fat injections, however, can be unpredictable and often only creates a fuller and rounder chest appearance. Implants produce a much more natural and guaranteed pectoral muscle enhancement effect since they are placed directly under the muscle. By being under the muscle they create a maximal push effect on the entire surface area of the chest portion of the pectoralis major muscle.

Pectoral implants come in several different styles and a variety of sizes that will meet the aesthetic demands of most men who seek chest enhancement. But some patients,  particularly men of bigger statures, may find even the largest of the standard sizes to be aesthetically inadequate. They may need more surface, projection and volume of the implant than is available in preformed implants. Custom implants can be made in almost any size to meet the need for ‘extra large pectoral implants’.

A good complement to pectoral implants is that of bicep implants.  The two muscles are not only adjacent to each other but their augmentations can be done through the same axillary incisions. Bicep implants may be particularly useful when custom pectoral implants are being placed to maintain some proportion to the upper body. Bicep implants are available in either standard or custom implant sizes.

Case Study: This 45 year-old male wanted to dramatically improve the appearance of his upper body. He wanted a very large chest augmentation result as well as that of his upper arms. Custom pectoral implants were designed to have a projection of 5cms with a volume of 896ccs. Custom bicep implants were designed to have a projection of 3.5 cms in height and 235cc in volume.

Under general anesthesia his extra large custom pectoral implants were placed in the completely submuscular position through a high axillary incision of 7 cm. Through the same incision the custom bicep implants were placed in the subfascial plane over the biceps muscle.

extra-large-pectoral-implants-result-fronty-view-dr-barry-eppley-indianapoliscustom-pectoral-and-biceps-implants-result-front-view-dr-barry-eppley-indianapolisHis result shows the dramatic effect that can be obtained with larger pectoral and bicep implants that are custom made. The ultrasoft solid silicone gel material allows very large implants to be inserted through relatively small incisions. The soft gel will initially feel firm due to swelling but will soften over the first few months after surgery.


1) Pectoral and bicep implants done together can create a dramatic upper body augmentation result.

2) Pectoral and bicep implants are placed through the same high axillary incision.

3) Pectoral and bicep implants come in standard sizes or can be custom made to best achieve the patient’a aesthetic needs.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana

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