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Background: Augmentation of the male chest is most commonly and successfully done by weight control and muscle hypertrophy and exercise. A more immediate and sustained effect that does not rely on strenuous exercise is that of pectoral implants. Such male chest augmentation devices have been around for decades and have a long track history of successful clinical outcomes. Unlike the female equivalent of breast implants, however, pectoral implants are solid devices that will never need to be replaced because of device failure. (rupture)

The styles of pectoral implants are basically either oblong or more rectangular in shape. Most men prefer the rectangular shape as it more effectively increases the fullness in the upper portion of the pectoralis muscle close to the clavicle. The rectangular shaped implant can be used either in a vertical or horizontal orientation. Its maximal volume is just under 300cc.

While these standard pectoral implants can be adequate for many cases, some men prefer a more profound chest augmentation. Or some men are simply bigger in size and weight and the standard sizes are inadequate for their aesthetic desires. In these cases custom pectoral implants have a definitive role.

Tiller Pec L XXL r3Case Study: This middle-aged male wanted a significant chest muscle enhancement. Given his large body frame (over 6’ 4” tall) and weight, all standard sized pectoral implants would have made very little change compared to his goals.  A pair of extra large custom pectoral implants were designed and made to exceed the dimensions of standard sized implants used by a considerable margin.. These custom implants were different in all dimension especially in thickness (5cm) and in total volume. (900cc)

Extra Large Custom Pectoral Imlpants intraop positioning Dr Barry Eppley IndianapolisUnder general anesthesia a 7 cm axillary incision was made in the anterior axillary skin crease. Dissection was carried under the outer border of the pectoralis muscle and a submuscular pocket created. Care was taken to not violate the attachments of the lateral border of the muscle. The extra large implants were inserted and positioned. A three layer closure was done over the exposed upper outer edge of the implants.

Extra Large Custom Pectoral Implant immediate intraop result below view Dr Barry Eppley IndianapolisExtra Large Custom Pectoral Implants intraop result right side view Dr Barry Eppley IndianapolisThe change in chest size was significant and symmetric. Interestingly the implants on the inside did not create an effect as large as one would anticipate when looking at them laying on the chest.

Extra large custom pectoral implants can be made and used when a significant chest size change is desired. It can be impressive that such a large implant can be inserted through a small axillary approach into the submuscular pocket.


1) Pectoral implants are the immediate, surgical and permanent method for chest muscle enhancement.

2) Standard implants are satisfactory for the vast majority of men seeking chest muscle enhancement.

3) Custom pectoral implants can be made in extra large sizes to address patient requests for extreme amounts of chest muscle augmentation.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana

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