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A tummy tuck is a well known body contouring procedure that is most commonly associated with female plastic surgery. Most commonly done as a result of pregnancy and/or weight loss, it is of great benefit to women as the loose abdominal skin that has been created is not going to go away with exercise or weight loss.

While still done in the majority of women, tummy tucks do have a role in men as well. While not affected by pregnancy, men are still prone to developing loose abdominal skin from weight loss. Men’s skin does respond better to weight loss with improved skin contraction. But this alone is not enough when the weight loss exceeds 50 or 75lbs. The skin can still be pulled away from the waistline and never quite feels tight or snug around the waistline.

The male tummy tuck differs from that of the female in a variety of ways. First, muscle tightening is usually not needed since the rectus muscles have not become stretched out or separated as occurs in women due to pregnancy. Secondly the amount of loose abdominal skin removal may not be as much as in women due to the improved skin elasticity.

The choice in the male tummy tuck is whether it should be a mini- or limited type of whether a full tummy tuck would be better. A full tummy tuck removes more skin and fat but involves umbilical transposition and a longer and higher lower abdominal scar. A mini- tummy tuck removes less tissue but leaves the belly button untouched and results in a shorter and lower abdominal scar.

Many men opt for the full tummy tuck as they are more interested in maximal tissue removal and tightening than they are about a longer scar.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana

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