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Every plastic surgery procedure has numerous issues that every patient who is undergoing a procedure should know. These explanations are always on a consent form that you should read in detail before surgery. This consent form, while many perceive as strictly a legal protection for the doctor, is actually more intended to improve the understanding of the inner thigh lift procedure. The following is what Dr. Eppley discusses with his patients for this procedure. This list includes many, but not all,of the different outcomes from surgery. It should generate both a better understanding of the procedure and should answer any remaining questions that one would have.


The alternatives to thigh lift surgery are liposuction which can remove some inner thigh fat but has little effect on skin tightening or lifting.


The goal of thigh lift surgery is to slim and lift the inner thighs and reduce any prominent inner thigh bulging. Creating an space or gap between the inner thighs is not a realistic goal for most patients.


The limitations of an inner thigh lift is in how much reduction and tightening can be achieved. There is a limit as to how much skin can be removed without risking wound healing problems and noticeable scar widening afterwards.


Expected outcomes include the following: temporary swelling and bruising of the inner thighs, a temporary feeling of tightness and numbness of the inner thighs that is felt most with leg extension and squatting and up to 3 months after surgery until the inner thighs feel completely normal again.


Significant complications from inner thigh lifts have not occurred. More common risks include infection,  wound separation, scar widening, a persistent tight feeling and discomfort on leg extension, and inner thigh irregularities and asymmetries and limited improvement in the profile of the inner thighs. Any of these risks may require revisional surgery for improvement.


Should additional surgery be required for inner thigh revision or any complications, this will generate additional costs.

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