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There are numerous non-invasive no downtime body contouring procedures for skin tightening and fat reduction specifically. One of these technological approaches is that offered by BTL Aesthetics. They offer plastic surgeons two-energy driven devices that work together to produce the best outcome without patient discomfort or recovery. These two devices include the Exilis and Vanquish.

Both BTL devices used monipolar radiofrequency energy to create their effects. Exilis is primarily used for skin tightening and a superficial fat reduction that lies right under the dermis of the skin. Conversely Vanquish directs radiofrequency energy much deeper to reach larger fat areas much further past the skin. By creating cellular apoptosis fat layers are reduced in thickness. It is easy to see when both Exilis and Vanquish are done together they create the best non-surgical contouring effect possible.

Exilis Dr Barry Eppley IndianapolisExilis is able to tighten skin at high energy levels due to its sophisticated cooling system in a small handpiece. Vanquish creates a safe effect by spreading its radiofrequency energy over a much larger area using external panel applicators. With these panel applicators Vanquish can treat the abdomen, flanks, thighs and arms.

Vanquish Fat Reduction Dr Barry Eppley IndianapolisThe usual sequence of treatment is to use Vanquish first for bulk fat treatment/reduction. To treat the abdomen and flanks fir example it takes a 45 minute treatment session. Four treatments spaced one week apart will produce a noticeable change. Vanquish does have some skin tightening effect but Exilis is even more effective. Using Exilis right after Vanquish increases the skin tightening effect which is usually needed when the fat loss ensues.

Despite their body contouring benefits it is important to realize that the Exilis-Vanquish combo treatment are no weight loss devices. They work best on those patients who need focal areas of body contouring, need to lose just a few inches and understands that it will not create a ‘liposuction’ result. A healthy lifestyle, some exercise and good hydration are patient contributions that are needed for optimal results.

The pursuit of fat reduction and skin tone improvement in the 30 to 50 year old range through non-surgical means is highly sought after. The BTL Vanquish and Exilis combo performs as well as any other non-invasive devices and does so with no discomfort or downtime. They also work well after other surgical body contouring procedures like liposuction and tummy tucks.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana

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