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The popularity and interest in plastic surgery of the face continues to grow. With a wide variety of surgical and non-surgical procedures available and tons of marketing and promotions all over the internet, it can be very hard for potential patients to figure what they need and what the risks and recovery may be. Such confusion led to the creation and publishing of my first e-book in 2008 entitled “Face The Facts – An Inside Look At Plastic Surgery’.

Face The Facts takes a hard look at many of the most well known facial procedures and provides insight into what is real and what really works. It is chocked full of helpful insights that provides a unique educational perspective. For example, learn that a facelift doesn’t change much of the face above the jawline. Eyelid lifts often are the best value for the money in facial rejuvenation. Browlifts can lengthen or shorten your forehead. Nosejobs done through an open approach have lower risk of revision. There are seven different styles of cheek implants. Thin lips can be made bigger permanently without the use of injectable fillers. Chin implants are not the only place to enhance the jawline. Botox sometimes is better than surgery. Ear pinning doesn’t involve any pins and makes a dramatic difference in less than an hour. And much more….

While hope may live eternal, happy patients come from being informed with realistic expectations and feeling that they have gotten a good return on their investment of time, money, and discomfort. Thus the popularity and success of ‘Face The Facts’.

Working with plastic surgery colleague, Dr. Arno Schleich located in Graz Austria , Face The Facts has been completely translated into German and turned into a new e-book also available on Amazon and Google.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana

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