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Cosmetic surgery of the face is more popular than ever. People are interested in looking more refreshed, less tired, and sometimes changing how their face looks regardless of their age. And people are doing it at a younger age than ever before. With the popularity of this type of facial surgery, comes the expected marketing promotions and hype particularly prevalent on the internet, magazines, and newspaper ads. But what is real and what will work for you?

Learn that a facelift does nothing much for most of the face. Eyelid tucks are the best value of all cosmetic facial surgeries. There are different ways to do browlifts, some which may lengthen or shorten your forehead. Nosejobs are done ‘open’ because the results are so much better. Cheek and chin implants are simple operations that can make a big difference. Thin lips may not always be made bigger by injectable fillers. Botox sometimes is better than surgery. Ear pinning doesn’t involve any pins and it is easy to do. And much more….

These insights are given in greater depth and on many more facial cosmetic surgery procedures in the ebook entitled ‘Face The Facts – An Inside Look At Plastic Surgery’ available at Amazon. This is my perspective being a plastic surgeon who has been doing these facial procedures for years. You will learn what works, what doesn’t, and how to spend your hard earned dollars wisely. While hope may live eternal, happy patients come from being provided with realistic expectations and feeling that they have gotten a good return on their investment of time, money, and discomfort.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana

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