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Tracheal Augmentation

A prominent Adam’s apple or thyroid cartilage creates a central neck bulge that is a distinctively male trait. Its reduction, of course, is the one of the most well known facial feminization procedures. Conversely the trachea can be augmented in the FMS patient by a special implant designed to create a more prominent v-shaped thyroid notch prominence. The tracheal augmentation implant is placed through a small overlying skin incision identical to that used in a tracheal shave procedure. The implant is placed on top of the existing thyroid cartilage and secured with sutures. It is made of a material that permits tissue ingrowth that adds to its assured long-term positional stability.


To help make for a more visible chin and/or jawline, defatting of the fat beneath them may have an additive effect. This can be done either by liposuction or with central platysma muscle tightening as well. (submentoplasty) A submentoplasty is a graduated procedure over liposuction which is often overlooked in neck reshaping. By adding muscle tightening (and submuscular defatting) with liposuction the greatest improvement in the cervicomental angle can be obtained.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana

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