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Cheek Augmentation

Male cheeks typically have more fullness higher on the main body of the cheek bone (zygoma) and back along the tail of the cheekbone (zygomatic arch for more defined and angular cheek highlights. Standard styes of cheek implants are usually not sufficient in FMS as their creation of an ‘apple cheek’ look is associated with a feminine midface. Custom designed cheek implants are used to create this uniquely ‘high cheekbone’ look that better suits the male face. As part of the high cheekbone look the infraorbital (under eye) area is often included in the design as well. Placed through a lower eyelid incision the implant creates a line of midface augmentation from under the eye, around the corner of the cheek and back along the zygomatic arch.

There is a role for fat injections in male cheek augmentation but less so than in female cheeks. Fat usually produces a softer or rounder type of cheek appearance which is more distinctly feminine. This can be avoided by using more of a straight line placement  approach to create more of a linear augmentation effect.

Buccal Lipectomies and Perioral Mound Liposuction

Most men desire more angular facial shape. To achieve this (or to deround the face) as much as possible, the removal of selective areas of facial fat can complement other facial augmentation procedures. Besides the neck, the only areas of the face where fat can be removed is the buccal pads and subcutaneous fat around the mouth and back along the jawline. These select areas of fat can be removed via small incisions inside the mouth with buccal lipectomy and perioral mound/jawline microliposuction techniques. Such facial fat removal has a modest, not a dramatic, reductive facial contouring effect between the bony cheeks and bony jawline. This is why they are usually done in conjunction with other facial augmentation procedures to create a complementary effect rather than just being done alone.

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