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Just want to thank you…for two actually three reasons

First… It was a 100% HIT… That’s exactly where I wanted the fat grafts placed and needed it and I think you actually filled in the atrophic scar!! My learning experience with where to place it is that no matter where I think I need it, higher is better than lower as the youthfulness part comes from loss higher first then lower so replacing higher instantly youthens.

Second… Doing it under local…So much better!!! I would rather do two or three small timer hits under local than a major hit under general any day… Got to get up, walk out and fly home!

Thirdly, thank you and your staff for getting me… so impulsive and impatient… in so promptly!

Thanks again!

Tonya M

Atlantic City, NJ


Fat grafting over the past decade has brought in an entirely new treatment option for facial contouring and rejuvenation. Using your own fat, which was once merely discarded after liposuction, has become recognized as the safest and most effective method for larger volume facial fills. Almost everyone has some fat available for harvest that can be processed and put in the face. With specific innovative techniques, fat can be harvested from the stomach, hip, inner thighs or knees and injected into the face for a variety of aesthetic issues from softening deep folds and lines, filling in acne scars, and augmenting weak skeletal features. But the greatest use of facial fat injections is in the aging face. The ability to restore loss volume in the face and reinflate a sagging hollow appearance can not be done very well or economically with most off-the-shelf synthetic injectable fillers. Your own fat has numerous unique advantages over any foreign material injected into your face. New advances in harvesting, concentrating and injecting your own fat has made it an important part of facial restoration and anti-aging treatments today. No longer is lifting and tightening alone the only way to turn back the hands of time on one’s facial appearance.

For the patient who does not have significant loss skin but has only lost volume (facial deflation) as in this patient’s testimonial, fat injections are an ideal treatment. No longer does one have to wait until the facial aging is so severe that major facelift surgery is warranted. Many fat injections can be done under local anesthesia and ‘spot fills’ can be selectively done to treat the earliest signs of facial volume loss.

Dr. Barry Eppley


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