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Shaped Breast Implants (Breast Augmentation)

Thank you for doing my recent breast augmentation which was two months ago already. I was very concerned about getting breast implants and couldn’t decide which ones to get. I was afraid I might be too big and look too round and unnatural. But you took the time and introduced me to the new gummy bear shaped implants which had the best chance to look natural. This was a good choice for someone of my age of 48. They are very soft and have a beautiful shape that matches my body perfectly.  I was very self conscious about even considering getting breast implants at my age but you gave me the confidence to move forward. You’ve made a difference in my life.  We’re lucky to have you here in Indy.  Thank you again.

Jeannie R.

Fishers, Indiana


Breast augmentation surgery today has a dirth of implant options ranging from either saline or silicone gel fillers with many different volumes and profiles. But one of the newer breast implant  options is in their shape. Traditionally used as a round implant (doesn’t mean they always look that way when one is standing up), breast implants now come in shaped or anatomic designs. This means that the implant has a tear-drop shape in which essentially 2/3s of the implant volume is in the mid- to lower pole, regardless of whether one is standing up or laying down. Its primary benefit is that it will not leave one with a round looking breast after augmentation, meaning the upper pole will be less full than the lower pole. These shaped implants are good choices for many women over 40 or 45 years old who want a natural look or has a little bit of ptosis or breast sagging. The greater lower pole volume can help pick up some of this loose breast skin and do it without overwhelming the whole breast in size.

All shaped breast implants have a textured and not a smooth implant shell. This is necessary to prevent implant shifting afterwards which can result in a funny looking or cock-eyed breast given the preformed implant’s shape. Textured breast implants must be placed through a lower fold (inframammary) incision to make sure the implant is oriented correctly by direct visual inspection.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana

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