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Aesthetic augmentation using implants is an important part of many cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. Whether it is the breast or different areas of the face, implants are used to make these areas bigger. While there are numerous factors that go into selecting the right implant for the need, the consideration of implant size is one of the most important. Plastic surgeons use numerous methods to try and determine implant sizing beyond just experience. Sizers exist for breast implants and various measurements can be made for the face. But in the end there is no guarantee that no matter how much thought goes into the implant selection that it will be exactly what the patient desires. Often during surgery, in which intraoperative sizers are initially placed, there may be a debate about one size versus the other. (smaller vs. bigger)  Since  breast augmentation is about large volumetric enhancement on the body and facial implants is about smaller changes measured in millimeters, I have learned to make that choice based on the margin for ‘error’ and which choice is most likely to lessen the potential need for revisional surgery due to unhappiness with the amount of aesthetic augmentation.

‘When In Doubt Choose The Larger Size in Breast Implants and The Smaller Size in Facial Implants’

This is said because more women who are unhappy with their breast augmentation size is because the implant was not big enough. Conversely facial implant surgery revision is much more likely to occur because the implant was too big.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana

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