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Braline backlifts eliminate back rolls that at or below the braline. The back roll is cut out, including skin and fat, and replaced with a horizontal scar that is designed to lay along or within the braline. This creates a flattening of the back for the trade-off of a scar.

The following are the typical postoperative instructions after the procedure:

1.  Most backlift procedures have  surprisingly little discomfort. The back may feel tight but not particularly painful. Patients usually only feel the need to use pain medication for just a few days after the procedure.

2. In all cases of backlifts, there will be a circumferential wrap around the area for the first night after surgery. You may remove this wrap the day after surgery. It does not need to be used thereafter unless it feels more comfortable to do so. You may wear a bra anytime after 48 hours.

3. The sutures used in the incisions of a backlift are all under the skin and will be dissolveable. The incisions will have glued on tapes that will stay in place until Dr. Eppley removes them. They require no topical care.

4. You may shower as normal within 48 hours of surgery. There is no harm in getting the back tapes wet.

5. Backlifts will cause some swelling and bruising around the incisions and usually lower in the back in most cases. This is normal. It is ok to lay on your back or on your sides.

6. In some cases, drains may be used in backlifts. They are usually removed in 1 to 2 days after surgery. Empty them directed. There is no need to record their output.

7. There are no limitations to normal everyday physical activities after backlift surgery. You may feel do what feels comfortable. You should not do any strenuous or exertional activities until three weeks after surgery.

8. You may eat and drink whatever you like right after surgery.

9.  You may drive the next day after surgery when you feel comfortable and are not on any pain medication.

10. If any incisional redness, increased tenderness or swelling, or drainage develops after the first week of surgery, call Dr. Eppley and have your pharmacy number ready.

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