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Inner thigh lifts are done to recontour the bulging or full area between the inside of the upper legs. In some cases, it is done to correct sagging inner thigh skin after a large amount of weight loss. Through a crecent removal of skin of varying widths with the upper end in the groin crease, the sagging thigh is lifted and tightened. Liposuction of the fat in the thigh skin below the excision is often done to debulk the inner thigh area as well. The location of the incisional closure/scar is hidden as much as possible in the groin crease.

The postoperative instructions for inner thigh lifts are as follows:

1.  Thigh lifts usually have a minimal amount of postoperative discomfort but they will feel very tight. There will be some swelling of the thighs and groins after this kind of surgery. This will go away within a few weeks.

2.  There are no dressings or garments to cover the incisions but they will be heavily taped. The tapes are to be left in place to serve both as a dressing and reinforcement of the incisions.

3.  After 48 hours, take a shower and do not worry about getting the tapes wet.  Do not take a bath or submerge the incisions under water for three weeks after surgery.

4.   The tapes on your incisions will be removed by Dr. Eppley at your first follow-up visit. Most of the sutures will be dissolvable and underneath the skin. There may be several support sutures on the outside which will be removed two weeks after surgery.

5.   Numbness of the skin around the groin and inner thigh is normal after this kind of surgery. Normal feeling will return but it may take up to three months after surgery for that to occur.

6.   Avoid exercise of any kind for four weeks after surgery so breakdown (opening) of the incisions can be prevented. Too much activity too soon is the main reason why problems with healing of the incisions occurs.

7. Squatting places the greatest stress on the inner thigh incisions and should be avoided as much as possible until the incisions are well healed.

8. You may drive when you feel comfortable and can react normally and are off pain medication.

9. The inner thigh scars will initially be red and ropey feeling. This will take months to settle down.

10.   If any redness, tenderness, or drainage develops after the first week of surgery, call Dr. Eppley and have your pharmacy number ready.

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