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Pectoral implants are the most effective method for male chest enhancement. There are a wide variety of standard pectoral implant sizes from which to choose. But unlike breast implants in women how to size and select pectoral implants is not as well known.

Pectoral implants are paced exclusively in an intramuscular pocket. This means the lateral border of the pectorals major muscle must to be violated. Thus the key in pectoral implantsizing is to measure the dimensions of the pectoralis major muscle just below the bony clavicle. This creates a four sided set of dimensions since a pectoral implant is really various forms of a quadrilateral-shaped  implant. Using these set of measurements the standard pectoral implant  style can be selected. It is also important to remember that the lateral border of the implant can be trimmed for a more exacting fit. In no circumstance should the lateral muscle border ever be released to make a pectoral implant fit.

The one implant dimension that is less clear in pectoral implants is projection. This is less important for the male chest than in female breast implants since muscle augmentation is more about overall surface area enhancement rather than cresting a single thickest projection point.This also applies to volume of the implant while significance is less clear than in breast implants. For the vast majority of men the available standard styles and sizes of pectoral implants will suffice.

For the male who seeks an ‘extraordinary’ amount of pectoral enhancement this is where the role of the Powerflex II or XL pectoral implant was developed. With a 600occ implant volume and 4cms of projection this is going to satisfy most men who seek larger amounts of pectoral augmentation. The rare exception may be the very large male in stature that also desires a large pectoral augmentation result in which custom pectoral implant designs may be needed.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana

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