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Injectable fillers have evolved considerably since their introduction was back in 1981. While originally an xenogeneic collagen-based product, it has become largely populated by hyaluronic acid-based products. Given their synthetic origins, almost of current injectable fillers are temporary and have variable durations of volumetric effects. Despite new injectable fillers becoming available every year, they are merely variations of current product formulations.

Allofill represents a new injectable filler that is different on both composition and biologic effects. This is a ready-to-use allograft-derived filler that retains the natural extracellular matrix (ECM) of allogeneic-derived fat tissue. Human fat is decellularized to obtain a tissue scaffold that has biologically active components. This allows the body to grow into this matrix and populate it with the body’s own cells. In essence this is a form of injectable tissue engineering.

Allofill is made from cadaveric fat tissue and is used to fill soft-tissue defects as an alternative to surgical injectable grafting which uses your own tissue. Conventional injectable fat grafting requires a surgical liposuction procedure to obtain and process one’s own fat for injection. In a traditional fat grafting procedure fat is harvested from one part of he body and is injected into another part of yourface. With Allofill harvesting your own fat isn’t necessary since Allofill is ready to use off the shelf and can be applied like any other off-the-shelf injectable filler.

Allofill currently comes in 3cc syringes and is refrigerated until it is used. It has a two year shelf life.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana

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