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Exilis Indianapolis Dr Barry EppleyRadiofrequency has become a popular treatment method for the non-invasive improvement of wrinkles, skin looseness and spot body shaping. There are numerous such devices that are currently available, one of which is the Exilis from BTL industries. Exilis is different from other radiofrequency devices is that it uses monopolar focused radiofrequency which allows for a layering of energy at different depths. This equates to uniform heating of the skin.

Several clinical studies have shown visible skin tightening and reductive body shaping results with up to 35% reduction in skin looseness, a 42% reduction in wrinkles and a 33% reduction in skin photodamage. Given that the average age of the women in these studies was 57 years old, this proves positive changes can occur even in older and damaged skin. Histologic studies of the treated skin showed full thickness collagen remodeling and elastin production. Like most non-invasive devices, a series of treatments is always needed to gain maximal results.

Such results are possible because of the advanced cooling system in Exilis which keeps the temperature below 45 degrees C. This is important because above that temperature the patient will experience a painful burning sensation. But without getting close to this temperature the desired skin changes will not occur.

Animal studies have also shown effects on subcutaneous fat demonstrating that it can selectively heat fat with apoptosis and adipocyte shrinking. The cooling system is very important here so the heat can reach the fat but without burning the intervening skin. Thus Exilis can do some mild fat reduction in addition to skin tightening. But the fat reduction is limited to just the fat immediately under the skin.

Radiofrequency treatments like Exilis can be combined with a variety of other aesthetic treatments. It can be used in conjunction with Vanquish or Cool Sculpting, for example, to create combined maximal fat reduction and skin tightening. Injectable fillers can be placed under facial areas treated with Exilis on the overlying skin. Exilis can even be used with light fractional laser resurfacing. Our practice in Indianapolis has found it vey useful and safe for a variety of face and body aging issues.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana

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