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Chin augmentation using implants offers a wide variety of different shapes as perceived from the front view. While men may prefer a wider or more square shape, women usually prefer a more narrow or tapered chin shape. When looking at the most common chin implant style used, the extended anatomic style, the chin will acquire greater horizontal projection in the side view but will get wider in the front view. This may be acceptable for men but very often isn’t for women.

When choosing chin implants for women it is critically important to determine what type of chin shape they want from the front view. When desiring of a more tapered chin shape result there is not, however, an existing preformed chin implant that can create that change. An anatomic or central chin implant style exists and, while it will generally to make the chin wider, it will also not make it have a more v-shape or appear significantly tapered.

For women that desire a very tapered chin that also needs horizontal augmentation as well, the best approach is to modify an anatomic chin implant. Regardless of the amount of horizontal augmentation desired, the sides of the implant can be modified into a very prominent v-shape. Because the overlying soft tissue chin pad is usually fairly thick, it acts as a buffer helping to blunt or soften the shape of any underlying implant. For this reason the chin implant shape must be over exaggerated to create the desired external shape change.

With this very tapered and narrow chin shape it becomes important to firmly secure it into place. With a narrow width compared to its projection its position on the chin is precarious. This is overcome with double screw fixation with one screw per side.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana

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