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Some major muscles of the body that can be surgically augmented for aesthetic benefit by commercially available preformed implants are that of the chest, arms, buttocks and lower leg. What all of these share (with the exception of the pectoralis major muscle) is that the implants are usually placed on top of the muscle under its enveloping fascia using discretely placed skin incisions.

Another muscle group that some men want to augment is that of the trapezius muscle. Visibly seen from the front as a muscle that connects the neck to the shoulder, this superior portion of a much larger muscle of the upper back can undergo implant augmentation. While they are no standard implants available for this very infrequently requested muscle augmentation, custom trapezius implants can be made to accomplish this effect.

The skin incision used for these upper back implants is done at the base of the neck. Placed perpendicular to the muscle fibers at the base of the neck, a small 2.5 cms (one inch) is made. Dissection is carried down the fascia which is incise and a subfascial pocket made carried out to near the acromio-clavicular joint. These small cylindrical implants are then placed along the very top of the superior extent of the muscle, creating a visible enhancement of the ‘traps’.

The skin incision for custom trapezius implants heals very well with minimal scarring even though it is not placed or can be placed in the most discrete location. Like the skin incision used and its healing the recovery from the surgical placement of these small muscle implants is also fairly minimal.

Trapezius implants are often placed in conjunction with other male muscle implants such as those of pectoral, bicep and tricep locations for a more comprehensive upper body augmentation effect.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana

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