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Improvements have been made to testicle implants over the past few years for their aesthetic enhancements. Larger sizes are now available that go beyond the standard 5.0 size that used to be he largest size available. Custom implant designing makes any implant size and shape possible. While the most testicle implants are oblong with a 0.7 width to length ratio some patients prefer different ratios in their shape…which custom designing makes possible. 

The other aesthetic improvement has been in a more softer natural feel to the implants. While any silicone material would feel softer than a saline-filled implant the use of low durometer solid silicone in larger implants sizes provides an ultra soft feel. An ultrasoft solid silicone testicle implant of 6.0 size, for example, feels far softer than a 3.5 or 4.0 saline implant.

But as the amount of soft silicone material increases in much larger sizes (7.0 or greater) it will get a bit firmer due to the amount of material in the implant. One innovative way to overcome the firmer feel of XL and XXL testicle implants is to incorporate a small hollow inner chamber inside it. This effectively removes material from the inside without affecting its external shape. This improves its compressibility (softness) by allowing it to collapse easier. The exact size of the internal chamber can vary based on how soft one wants it to feel.

While few patients will ever want/need an Xl or XXL size testicle implant it is helpful to know that there is a way to do so by an internal change in their custom design.

Dr. Barry Eppley

World-Renowned Plastic Surgeon

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