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Rib removal surgery is done for a variety of waistline slimming patients. One such patient is the already thin female who can not get a slimmer waistline by diet, exercise or even liposuction surgery. The lower ribs represent the last anatomic barrier for any further waistline reduction.The second type patient is the transgender male to female whose genetic ribcage shape is broad and prevents them from having a more feminine waistline shape. The third category is the patient, male or female, who suffers from congenital or traumatic free floating rib deformities such as costal-iliac syndrome or protrusions from rib fractures.

Regardless of the reason for surgery, such rib removals are posterior torso procedures done through lateral flank incisions. In the prone position during surgery, portions of ribs #10, 11 and 12 can be removed which allows the overlying soft tissues and outer waistline contours to move forward inward. While his does require a surgical incision to do so, it is remarkable that such rib removal can be done through an incision 5 cms or less in length.

rib removal surgery Dr Barry Eppley IndianapolisBut besides the rib bone removals other contouring procedures are done as well including liposuction and wedge muscle removals. Even in thin women some fat can be removed from the waistline from the advantage of the prone position on the operative table. What is not commonly recognized is that the contribution of the thickness of the latissimus dorsi muscle at the waistline level. While often viewed as a twi muscle at its lower level, it easily adds 1 cm or more thickness on each side. A wedge removal of the some of the muscle at the level of the umbilicus adds collectively to that of the rib bone and fat to maximize the waistline reduction efforts without compromising any of the muscle function.

Rib removal by its name does not fully describe what is actually done surgically. Through the small flank/back incision, maximal tissue removal is done to ensure that whatever waistline reduction can be done is achieved.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana

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