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Plastic Surgery Case Study – Total Flat Back Of Head Reshaping With Custom Skull Implant and Temporo-Parietal Reductions

Background:  While the most common non-synostotic congenital skull deformity is plagiocephaly, less commonly seen is its ‘cousin’ brachycephaly. As opposed to a unilateral flattening on the back of the head in plagiocephaly, brachycephaly is when the entire back of the head is flat. While it can have synostotic origins like some forms of plagiocephaly most Read More…

The Submental Incision in Custom Jawline Implant Placements

The custom jawline implant is the most powerful implant enhancement for the lower face. Often called a wraparound jaw implant its effectiveness is based on augmenting the entire inferolateral border of the lower jaw in a 3D fashion, a feat that can not be accomplished by any other surgical technique. This is best appreciated when Read More…

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