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Technical Strategies – Cannula Size in Perioral Liposuction

Thinning the face by fat removal has limited surgical options. The buccal lipectomy procedure is the most well known as it removes a discrete collection of mid facial fat that usually approximates 3 to 4ccs in volume from each side. But the buccal lipectomy is not the only facial fat sculpting procedure. The perioral. region Read More…

Insights Into Medpor Facial Implant Removals

The different materials available for standard and custom facial implants are well known and include silicone, Medpor, Goretex and PEEK in the U.S.. The first three are available in standard facial implants and silicone, Medpor and PEEK are available in custom facial implants. There are numerous differences between all of these implant materials and the Read More…

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