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The Influence of Fat Dissolving Injections on Buccal Lipectomy Surgery

While the buccal lipectomy procedure is a straight forward surgical procedure with a limited recovery and is highly effective at its goal (removing a distinct facial fat area), some patient seek non-surgical methods for cheek fat reduction. Fat dissolving solutions such as dexoycholic acid and brand name Kybella have been used for facial fat treatments Read More…

Plastic Surgery Case Study – Vertical Bony Chin Lengthening for Correcting An Upturned Soft Tissue Chin Pad

Background: The chin as a projecting facial structure has three dimensions. Of these dimensions horizontal projection is the most commonly seen and pursued by patients. Almost every chin implant is based on producing pure horizontal augmentation. The sliding bony genioplasty has fixation plates of various lengths that similarly are designed for increasing horizontal projection. A Read More…

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