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Plastic Surgery Case Study – Rhinoplasty for the Boxy Tip Deformity

Background:  The shape of the nose is a combination of the form of its osteocartilaginous framework and the thickness of the overlying skin. The skin plays a major role in the appearance of the nose particularly as the nasal skin becomes thicker. But regardless of thick or thin nasal skin rhinoplasty surgery is about changing Read More…

Technical Strategies – Plate and Screw Application in Sliding Genioplasty

The use of a sliding genioplasty for chin reshaping dates back half a century and is the most recognized facial osteotomy procedure. Unlike jaw surgery which affects the tooth-bearing part of the jaw and introduces some restrictions with mouth opening, downfracturing the mandibular symphysis (chin) does not. The chin bone is the only true aesthetic Read More…

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