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Intertragal Notch Ear Reshaping after Facelift Surgery

Despite its small size, the ear is composed of numerous discrete anatomic landmarks. Occupying less than 15 cm2 on the side of the head there are fifteen (15) distinct structures that comprise it. The complex topographic shape of the ear is best thought of as various convexities and concavities  that often parallel each another. The Read More…

Aesthetic Thigh Augmentation with Subfascial Rectus Femoris Muscle Implants

The extremities are capable of undergoing aesthetic muscle augmentation using implants of which the most commonly done historically is that of calf implants. Today other extremity augmentations are also done in the upper arm for biceps and tricep implants. What all of these extremity implantation sites share is that of a muscle which glides inside Read More…

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