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Basic Concepts in Custom Cheek and Jawline Implants for Facial Masculinization

Masculinizing the male face is typically about augmenting the skeletal contours of the three facial thirds. This includes the linear lines of the brow bones, cheeks and jawline. Today this is possible because of custom implant designs which make brow bone augmentation possible (which never was), cheek augmentation more specific (high cheekbone look) and jawline Read More…

Plastic Surgery Case Study – Custom Hip Implants in the Thin Female

Background:  Hip augmentation remains one of the newer forms of body augmentation. The widespread use of fat injections for buttock augmentation has brought similar attention to the geographically proximate hip region. To some degree they are both anatomically and aesthetically connected as it is hard to see one without the other. Often volumetric and shape Read More…

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