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Technical Strategies – ePTFE Paranasal Implant Intraoral Incisions

Augmentation of the central midface involves augmenting along the pyriform aperture bone that surrounds the nasal cavity. These include the options of premaxillary, paranasal or combined premaxillary-paranasal augmentations. Numerous materials and grafts have been used for these nasal base augmentations, all of which can be successful with good surgical technique and material/graft handling. One effective Read More…

The Lower Eyelid Incision Used In Custom Infraorbital Rim-Malar Implants

One of the best midface augmentation methods is that of the custom infraornital-malar (IOM) implant. While lesser known that injectable fillers and fat or standard tear trough implants, this unique implant style provides simultaneous treatment of undereye hollows and infraorbital deficiencies as well as providing cheek augmentations as well. It provides a horizontal line of Read More…

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