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The Use Of The Sliding Genioplasty In The Facial Rejuvenation Patient

The sliding genioplasty is a well known chin augmentation that is most commonly performed in younger male and female patients. Besides the greater invasiveness of the procedure what really separates it from a chin implant is its effects on the submental or anterior neck region. By pulling the chin bone forward the attached soft tissues Read More…

Plastic Surgery Case Study – Lateral Border Modified Pectoral Implants Combined With Pectoral Triangle Liposuction For Male Chest Enhancement

Background: Male chest enhancement usually refers to the size of the pectoralis major muscle which creates definition and shape to the chest. While fat reduction by liposuction around the outer border of the muscle may offer some modest improvement in the shape of the chest (liposculpture), pectoral muscle augmentation offers the greatest male chest shape Read More…

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