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Incision, Ear and Hairline Management in Facelift Surgery

The facelift is a well known facial rejuvenation procedure that has had many technical and some conceptual variations over the years. The biggest innovation and recent is for the deep plane facelift. One could debate what constitutes a deep plane facelift at the SMAS and sub-SMAS layers but the concept is anatomically sound…release and lift Read More…

The Aesthetic Projection Created by ePTFE Paranasal Implants

Paranasal deficiency is a common midface aesthetic concern in which the base of the nose lacks sufficient horizontal projection. While it is common phenotypic feature of the Asian face it can occur in any ethnicity or gender. The treatment of paranasal deficiencies has its historic origins as an adjunctive procedure to augmentative rhinoplasty as nasal Read More…

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