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Background: The shape of the skull is most easily seen in men. Due to short hair or a shaved head, the outline of the head from all angles can be discerned. A more masculine head shape is open to interpretation and has probably never been clearly defined. But it could probably be defined as one with a discernible shape like that of defined or angular shape. Such defined skull ‘angles’ would be associated with the temporal lines and the sagittal ridge, areas of known raised ridge areas.

Typically the skull has a convex shape across the top from the front view and an oblong curvilinear shape from the side view. But some men prefer a more square shape to their head profile as opposed to round from the frontal view. This can be achieved by creating a more prominent transition or ‘corners’ along the temporal lines and a more visible raised area down the middle. Such a head shape look can be seen in numerous male models.

To create a reshaped and augmented head there is only one reliable method…a custom skull implant design. Creating the new head shape design by a computer design offer a predictable and more assured approach as opposed to any other skull augmentation method.

Case Study: This young male was bothered by the rounder shape of his head. He desired more of a ‘model’ head shape look specifically referring to what could be called more of a flat top or more square head shape. Using a 3D CT scan, the skull implant shape was created that as felt to most effectively create the new head shape look. Give the volume of the implant (around 200ccs) a first stage small scalp expansion procedure was done.

Under general anesthesia and through a 9 cm long horizontal scalp incision below the crown area, the scalp tissue expand was removed. The custom skull implant was then inserted and positioned as per the design on the 3D CT scan. The implant was secured with two small screws.

His long term after surgery result showed a head shape that achieved his aesthetic skull reshaping goals.

The healed scalp incision was virtually undetectable.

Custom skull implants can make for some truly remarkable head shape changes. This requires a proper implant design, adequate scalp tissue to accommodate it and the smallest possible incision to place it.

Case Highlights:

1) The shape of the head can be reliably changed from a round to a more square shape in the frontal view in the male patient.

2) A custom skull implant can be designed to create more defined temporal lines and a midline sagittal ridge.

3) Placement of a custom skull implant can be done through a small posterior scalp incision.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana

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