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Every plastic surgery procedure has numerous issues that every patient who is undergoing a procedure should know. These explanations are always on a consent form that you should read in detail before surgery. This consent form, while many perceive as strictly a legal protection for the doctor, is actually more intended to improve the understanding of the brow bone reduction procedure. The following is what Dr. Eppley discusses with his patients for this procedure. This list includes many, but not all, of the different outcomes from surgery. It should generate both a better understanding of the procedure and should answer any remaining questions that one would have.


There are no alternatives to surgical reduction of he prominent brow bones. One potential alternative is to build up the forehead above it to make the whole forehead smooth.


The goal of brow bone reduction is to reduce the brow bulging and bring the brow bones back into a smooth contour with the forehead that lies above it, if possible.


The limitations of brow bone reduction is the thickness of the overlying anterior table of the frontal sinus and the size of the frontal sinus that lies beneath the bone. (inner half of the brow) The outer half of the brow bone is limited is reduction only the thickness of the skull bone.


Expected outcomes include the following: temporary swelling and bruising of the forehead and eyes, a temporary or permanent numbness of the forehead and scalp, temporary weakness of the forehead muscles, and permanent scalp scars. It may take four to six weeks before the final shape and appearance of the brow bones is seen.


Complications may include bleeding, infection (wound or frontal sinusitis),  poor scalp scarring, bone fixation palpability,  undercorrection of the brow prominences and brow asymmetry.


How the foerhead heals and the occurrence of complications can influence the final shape and appearance of the brows. Should complications or the desire to enhance the result further by additional surgery be needed, this will generate additional costs.

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