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These explanations are intended to improve your understanding of the lip implant procedure that has been discussed with you. Please read them carefully and understand that this list includes many, but not all of the different outcomes from this surgery. Please feel free to ask Dr. Eppley any further questions regarding your surgery.


Augmentation of the lips can be done by a variety of synthetic or fat injectable fillers to increase the size of the pink part of the lip. (vermilion)  Other lip augmentation procedures include lip lifts and lip advancements. How the results achieved by injection and lift techniques compares to that of an implant should be thoroughly understood before surgery.


The goal of lip implants is to permanently increase the size of the lips.(increase vermilion show)


The limitations of lip implants is the size of the lips that can be achieved. Lip implants range in sizes from 3 to 5mm diameter at their thickest central section. The effect of the implant in increasing lip size (vermilion show) is also controlled by how much visible vermilion one initially has.


Expected outcomes of placing lip implants include the following: temporary bruising and swelling of the lips and temporary lip numbness. All lip implant procedures will create some temporary stiffness on lip movement and mouth opening.


Significant complications from lip implant surgery are very rare but could include infection. More likely complications could include aesthetic deformities such as asymmetry and irregularities of the implants and lip size and shape and under vs. overcorrection of the desired lip size achieved. Any of these risks may require revisional surgery for improvement.


Should additional surgery be required to adjust the position or size of the implants, this will generate additional costs.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana

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